On Monday, June 6th, a wonderful ceremony was held to celebrate the graduation of six students from Sri Mayapur International School.  Gourangi Gandharvika dd, Ananga Gopi dd, Shevaanni Pillai, Vrinda Carol, Bhavatarini Moreira and Nandarani Dasi have all successfully completed their Advanced level education (A-levels) in accordance with Cambridge International Examinations.

The program commenced with a fire yajna performed by Krishna Svarupa prabhu, to invoke the blessings of the Lord for auspiciousness for each of the girls as they pass into the next stage of life.

Each student then gave an eloquent speech, thanking their teachers and expressing their deep realizations they’ve gained from their spiritual education.

The ceremony was enhanced by a few stunning presentations including a slide show of their high school years in pictures; an amazing debut solo performance by Nandarani Dasi on the sitar; and a multi-media presentation consisting of a song composed and sung by Gourangi Gandharvika, Ananga Gopi and Shevaanni, accompanied by Shevaanni on guitar.  All this was perfectly synchronised with their own custom-made video which left everyone with tears in their eyes.

The graduates’ form teacher, Prabhupada Priya dd, spoke in glorification of each girl and presented them with gift certificates on behalf of the school.

The program finally concluded with hot samosas and gulab jamuns as everyone went home feeling exhilarated and inspired by the devotional qualities of our graduating class.  As Gunacuda Mataji succinctly stated in her opening address to the ceremony, “These students are not the future devotees of ISKCON.  They are the present devotees of ISKCON.”

May all those who read this article unreservedly shower their blessings on these six extraordinary girls that they may always remain with their minds absorbed in Srila Prabhupada’s mood and their lives dedicated to his divine mission.

Srila Prabhupada ki jaya!

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