Sri Mayapur International School has a service opportunity for a full or
part-time teacher/s for High School IGCSE English / Literature /
International History for the new academic year starting in August.

We are looking for a caring teacher who can understand the needs of the
individual students in the class, structuring their learning so that they
progress at a rate which challenges them in a secure devotional environment.
Remuneration includes: a modest monthly stipend, free accommodation, free
lunchtime prasad on school days, family medical insurance, free tuition for
first child and 1/2 price discount for 2nd child.

Besides being an excellent communicator in English and being able to deliver
interactive and well-prepared classes, the successful applicant for IGCSE /
A Level English should also have some expertise in creative writing,
teaching creative writing and appreciating subtleties in Literature.

The International History teacher (not a full time-table unless combined
with other subjects) should have a good general knowledge of World History,
and an ability to present issues in a lively analytical way using various
sources and media.

If you would like to live and serve in Sri Mayapur dham, please email your
CV and details of professional and devotional referees to and (For more
information regarding the syllabus and students or to arrange a skype
interview, contact Manasi ganga dasi.

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