Sri Mayapur International School is a not-for-profit Krishna conscious school in the holy dham of Mayapur, West Bengal founded to create a spiritually nourishing school environment.
The recent heavy floods have caused extensive damage to the campus and now the children and teachers are struggling in these very difficult conditions.
Please help us.
By the goodwill and care of others like yourself we will be able to fix the school and continue the important service of educating our children.
By helping us, we help the children and by helping them they will in turn one day become our care-givers too.
The following is a list of the main things that need funding in order for us to be able to run properly again.
1. Repair to outdoor structures = Rs.1,00,000/-
2. 4 Motor Repairing = Rs.10000/-
3. Collapsed Mridanga Hut = Rs.2,00,000/-
4. Painting & Classroom Display Boards = Rs.1,00,000/-
5.Damage to kitchen and Fridge Damage = Rs.1,80,000/-
6. Toilet Repair = Rs.5,000/-
7. Garden Damage = Rs.15,000/-
10. 5 desktop computers, 3 printers and major repairs to photocopier machine due to damp=Rs1,50.000 /-
The total cost of damage due to flood is over Rs 8 lakhs (approximately U.S $5500)

Donation options:

1. Bank transfer:

Account Name : Sri Mayapur International School
IFSC : IOBA0000674
Swift code : IOBAINBB893
Account No. : 067401000008388
Bank : Indian Overseas Bank
Branch : Mayapur
State : West Bengal, India

2. By credit card:


3. by Moneygram

Please notify us by email ( about your donation.
Please give generously.


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