During the holy month of Kartik students and teachers of Sri Mayapur International School have planned many auspicious activities to increase our remembrance of Lord Damodar. On the first day of Kartik, they held a 12 hour kirtan on the boys’ campus where all the students took turns to lead the kirtan. The enthusiasm grew and grew as the day went on and the students’ chanting could be heard by pilgrims visiting the goshala next to the school.

The next morning, middle and high school students were happy to have a visit from H.H Bhakti Purushottam Maharaja, who gave a class on Damodar lila and presented the school with copies of his Damodar book. Afterwards, the students had many questions and invited Maharaja to stay for prasad.

The Primary school students are taking part in a ‘japa marathon’ for Kartik and were visited by H.G Jananivas prabhu who spoke to them and chanted with them. Each student has a special Damodar japa card and has vowed to increase their japa in Kartik and record the number of rounds in the card. They were excited to receive the cards and take part in the japa marathon. It is an amazing experience to walk into school every morning morning and hear around 200 young children chanting japa and having kirtan.

These were the events during the first 3 days of Kartik. Every evening the students and teachers attend the temple program to offer lamps to Lord Damodar and many of younger children take part in a special ‘Damodarastakam’ program organised by parents in different students’ homes.

by Gunacuda Dasi







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