Dear esteemed devotees,
Hare Krishna Jaya Srila Prabhupada.
“go brahmanya hitaya ca”
I would like to invite those girls interested in doing some caring for calves to come to the goshalla twice a week. There is nothing like interacting & caring for Krishna’s calves–the most helpless residents of Mayapur. Some girls, Premalata & I have been having fun brushing the calves & feeding them. The love that is given to them is reciprocated a hundred-fold. We get to pick our own calf to love & nurture while we are there. It’s nice to pick the same calf as a relationship will grow.
Soon the calves will have their own grassy area but now they are confined to a small space so they love company. Parents, you will see your daughters’ character & personality transform after being in contact with the calves.
If your daughter is over eight & is interested, we meet at 3;45pm outside the SMIS office on Tuesdays & Thursdays to ride our bicycles to the goshalla together. Parents can pick up their children at 5. There is still enough time for Ganga snan. So make sure they bring something raw for the calves to eat & a plastic brush for grooming the calves.
See you there,
Atitaguna dasi

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