The admission process enables the school to evaluate whether the prospective student would be suitable for the school.

SMIS will begin to process applications from December 2013 for admission in the new academic year , beginning August 2014. We will take students at the beginning of the academic year only , and from families who can  come on time and stay for at least 1 academic year (August to June).

Any family wishing to enrol  their child for part of the year only will not be considered as several classes have waiting lists and priority will be given to families wanting to live long term in Mayapur or to place their son in the Srila Prabhupada Ashram.

Prospective students can apply online at or come to the School Office and complete a paper application form.  At this point, the parent will be informed that they need to apply to the MCS for Mayapur Residency before we can grant enrolment .

Once Residency has been applied for, the MCS email SMIS and we confirm whether or not we are willing to offer the child a place, pending MCS approval. We also give the entrance tests in Mathematics, English Reading and Writing at this point or via email , which the parents have to scan and return.  Our admissions policy is given this time, where we ask parents if their child has ever had problems with drugs/alcohol or if they have any learning or behavioural difficulties. We may be unable to admit children with more complex needs.

Once the family has been notified of the results of the entrance test they then decide whether to finalize the application. If they do, we confirm the place once we have received an email from MCS confirming Mayapur Residency.

For next academic year , we will be unable to take students who cannot speak, read and write some English for Grade 1 and above. A Skype interview will be conducted for students wanting admission from overseas into High School.

Nursery and Reception will still take students with  little/ no English.  Nursery children must be 3 years old on or before 1st August in the year of admission. They must be toilet trained.

Please fill out our  online application to start the process of admitting your child into the School.

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